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the agreeable man … concluding

Posted by L. Thiel Hewlings on Monday, July 11, 2016,
we left off in the previous post with a physician, an "expert" in medicine, treating patients … giving his patient pain killers which led to an addiction not just for his patient but the patient's murderer … and possibly the murderer's family members and friends. our next question is …
who benefits from receiving/using the drugs? what is the physician's intent? what is the intent of the manufacturer of the drugs? what is the intent of the creator of the drugs? who makes money and for wha...
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Αν μου τηλεφωνούσες

Posted by L. Thiel Hewlings on Tuesday, August 18, 2015,

Αν μου τηλεφωνούσες

Θέλω να σου μιλήσω, θέλω να' μαι μαζί σου
Και να σε αποκοιμίσω, να' μαι η αναπνοή σου
Έτσι να με ακούσεις, μη μ' αφήσεις να φύγω
Μ' έρωτα να με λούσεις, αν ερχόσουν για λίγο

Αν μου τηλεφωνούσες θάνατος η φωνή σου

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