"we could do things to you …" president barack obama's words to russia

then russia's ambassador to turkey gets assassinated?

hmm … obi-man better cease and desist.



how long before investigators find a connection to obama and gulen …and what happened in … france?




not allowed to share what you witness. not allowed to speak the truth … in politically correct society under the rules of the state run by religion … but isn't this islamic creed stuff similar to the consequences of HIV, or some other sexually transmitted disease? you have it, you share it, some suffer and some die while you don't? of course, not in the exact same way. are we still worried about the overly drugged sensitivities of the religious? for those of us living in REALITY, not ignorant to the evils of politically charged agendas claiming absolutism through religious (ideological) vehicle … it is time to start making some hard decisions to protect the greater whole. if religionists and those within what we call the real voter fraud care so little about the safety of the citizens in a nation they say they want peaceful and healthy, and they say they care about while spreading that ticking time bomb … 

is not loving neighbor as self. if I had a tree that looked pretty in the spring, but produced deadly fruit in the fall … and the children and pets of my neighbors were getting sick and dying from it … shouldn't I have it removed? shouldn't I find some way to keep the seeds from spreading? the fruit from seeping into the wells that people drink from? that was contaminating the soil in places where children played … wouldn't it make sense for the health, well being and safety of society to stop the tree from sickening and killing others? especially children who are not knowledgeable on the facts of such things?  



"genius of satan"? :D … I know a lot of atheists/nonbelievers who have said a lot worse. and anyone having been sexually or emotionally and spiritually abused by the RCC would likely call it the devil's hand. and what about those RCs who started saying I am doing satan's work for questioning their celibacy contracts … esp in light of the clergy child sex abuse? come on, JM, time to let the truth be told rather than giving these artful abuse dodgers a way out from their ignorance and their crimes. I have no idea who some of these people are that you mention in your article, aside from moore, but these congregations---ALL OF THEM---do not like me, never did, and who-what was it that set the stage for all the disharmony, and judgement? these institutions have said terrible things about me for generations, teaching that gnostics are evil. I have good reason to say what I say in my impartial place. but if I stepped on their toes in the slightest by challenging them on their theology---THEIR bible BELIEFS ...they would probably have me court-martialed! :) and I have already been through quite the ordeal with them. they are FEARFUL  people. I HAVE EXPERIENCE BEING TREATED VERY BADLY BY THESE RELIGIONISTS … not specifically the baptists, at least not that I know of … yet … but these hold much the same views as the RCs. ah … but this bickering is the beginning of the end for all of these sects.




and this is the pope's message? in one hand he plays humble francis in a new twist of fate called patristic politics... in the other, he hordes his "treasures", caring more about these than the millions that grovel at his feet. what a piece of work :(

what of the earthquake that hit the nation he had just visited? what of all the pain and suffering under roman ideal? what of all the corruption and the criminal politicians in bed with the RCC through its lifetime? what of the victims of the RCC's clergy on the poor children? are these children not treasures worthy of … 

need we say more? 

yes, we will say more … get your phones ready for when those walls come tumbling down. there might just be a winning shot making the cover of TIME magazine …




we will not speak on the reasons of others for why these groups are at odds, but we want to point out why we find it difficult to engage and build communities with groups believing as they do. take palestine, for instance, or iran … saudi arabia or egypt … why do you think we cannot do business with these? how about islamists and roman catholics and orthodox of any stripe believing female to be ineligible for the WORK OF THE SPIRIT, which includes the bishopric … in america? you tell us what their religions preach.  I AM in no way to engage in building ---creating--- anything for anyone … one or a billion and one with any religious OR politician paying into and supporting that which commands ignorance over Sense and Reason. and to put away childish things is to stop with the arrogance and legendary patriarchal dominance. a few people having expressed strong interest in SPIR and Spirrealism are at present no longer engaging in this because … they were given a choice, and they chose to remain in their systems of belief that continue to peddle the derelict wares of indecent prospect. AND, as these are males, they thought they could get away with behaving in a fashion that treated female as lesser. its mindset is unjust, SPIRITUALLY immature, and not ready for this work. 

as for the catholics and … two things speak volumes in this: clergy child sexual abuse in the RCC which has not been properly addressed by the roman catholics and … both RCC and islam (and those like it) as poor teachers of female, and the understanding of What is God. 

no longer am I to engage artistic gift with those continuing to revel in the glass half empty … and dripping due to its cracks. the time to move is now! it will not change until you refuse it. interfaith-ecumenism is a band aide over infected wounds. this does not mean that a doctor refuses to operate on a patient as he should not be looking at who the patient is, esp not what is between patient's legs, unless, of course, delivery of a baby … and there is good cause for men to get out of the profession of gynecology altogether and start working on the brains of his brothers … to find out what is wrong in his thought process that he should believe female to be a slave or a trophy for his arm or a bitch he can impregnate over and over or … something to sell to the public to make money.

was doing a little last minute christmas shopping the other day and I saw some beautiful ornaments, and as I said, each year we get a new ornament for our tree … but I looked to see where these ornaments were made and the card said EGYPT. I chose not to buy because my Conscience would not allow it. I don't want to see artists in egypt suffer but are these artists making these christmas ornaments worshipping a slave owner, murderer, child rapist … demeanor of female? and what do they pay into and support in their nation? how do I know this isn't a group most hypocritical? if the nation is predominantly unjust as we have seen time and time again, it's time to refuse it … let them feel the sting of rejection that they might move toward just and honest and proper behavior and treatment of other. 


and even the lazy fare in the US that is helping to build a caliphate industry … in the guise of tolerance is as intolerant and epically errant as one can get. 

and you?



gulen related? yep.




what pope says and what he actually does (aside from his look good photo ops) are two very different things. he has the power … or he does not. we have said that he does not have the power … he is a populist image that the religious in bed with the politician  tries to sell you... not the real deal. if Spirit of the Living is with this man … the waters would part … and the only moving water is what is leaking from their cracked vessel. and this is not motivated by Spirit of the Living … but by force … it has no where else to go but down. 

what the world of pope lappers can't see is that the writers of this pop-up star, the mythical figure they create for the world, has stolen language from one … to make pope look valuable (have you noticed how familiar the words sound they say he says *see in the article---gee, where have we read this before?). but how valuable is a puppet making change where theirs is with strings attached? or should we say hands manipulating the process … not for honest good but for illicit treaty

no change … just a lot of pretending … made to look heroic.

and what's truly sad in all of it is that george is using the title "pope" to create confusion, play the politician's pet … acting … as if he plans to do more when all he is doing is lying to the people, denying them the truth about what the RCC is really engaging in. he knows he has no power he made the choice to abuse his position and lie to the people. he knows nothing significant will change except, possibly … possibly, he will get booted … as the vatican head will need to rid themselves of this aging image that looks bastardly (and george had the audacity to accuse creating in the minds of his viewers an image of an aging grandmother, when his institution has been been male-laden, even in this day … a man-made institution of worldly endeavor using force and false teaching. … you see where he tries to encourage hatred of female? huh … and who has picked up on its not so sutble methods? if he accuses the aging grandmother of roman catholicism it is because HE MADE HER THAT WAY! the lies and deception … claiming infallibility and blaming others … setting itself up as the mouthpiece of G-D. hmm … think, people, and challenge them on these acts.)  the RCC has never really operated from truth but from greed and power, and as the headship recognizes theirs is a dying breed … they must find ways to look credible … have you noticed their big push for lutheranism and islam? and suddenly they are the Earth's great stewards? after overpopulating and still pushing to overpopulate, along with their many slaves and forced ideal and … arrogance, involving their law. they tortured and denied those of us who are of the Realm of the Spirit … lying about us … WE HAVE NOT HAD OUR DAY, but we will and the RCC knows this and fears this. now …. do you fear me?  

and think of the many victims … what is pope really doing by asking these to trust him and his growing caliphate industry? return them to the dark ages of decrepit desires? huh! … now, you tell me where the pope is working from. is this what you want for your children? we would like to know where your hand is before we step out for all to see. once we do … you will be known for  ...what fruit?

WHERE IS THEIR PROPHET ON TRUTH? who-what is your prophet? 


I have personally witnessed so many lying for their gods … it'll make you go dizzy trying to connect the dots


this is anything from scientific data to islamic creed … and the many people caught in the middle of the crashing of the waters. what was egypt but a dynasty built on the backs of slaves. and women will lie for their imams and organizations like CAIR is never to be trusted for anything … as it is caliphate ordained. if you don't believe us … step out of where you are and see it for yourselves. why would any one in her right mind look to a religion born out of illicit greed and poor use of female, often girls … to lure in men for evil acts? why! ask!!! what you are leading your nation into? any liberals or … thinking they are diversifying a nation by using a religion that squelches the lives of female and others is praising idiocy, or USING illicitly and dishonestly. LOOK AT THE NUMBER OF NATIONS ALREADY RULED BY ISLAM!!! and what is happening there, and you want MORE of it? what are you people? insane? yes, your mind is not capable of leadership. go to your room. stay there until you can think … intelligently. you think it can't happen in YOUR state and in your nation? it starts here then there and as it climbs into bed with state it power-mongers and seduces, even lying to gain power and influence, using and abusing its welcome mat, until it is king … ruler … dictator, and where will that leave your children? and your god-pope, your super hero religionist who has not shown himself free of ignorance on even his OWN history of power and greed and the desire to act as god … ruling the masses … is more than willing to SELL you to this caliphate industry because it keeps his hierarchy in seats of what? they feed on the same … abuse in the same manner and you … YOU … lap it up . lap-lap-lap as if you are no-nothings. OR … you desire power and join in these efforts. 

roman catholicism could not overpower america, could not gain the control it pushed for in the world, and many broke from its clutches ... so ... it now uses anything to try to gain a foothold, and your star political puppet is the one playing the final word on what is god? christian and muslim worship the same CHRIST? this is laughable, folks, for if he (pope as institution) had any idea on what is Christ he would NEVER-NEVER-NEVER say such a thing. but he did not say CHRIST, did he … he said god. boy, doesn't that tell you everything you need to know about his intent? 

only fools follow the spires of inconsistent truths.


this wasn't happening in ireland only. everywhere roman catholicism is acting as agency for government and serving as teaching … there is abuse. what sickness drives people to behave in this fashion? the devil? this is not THE CHRIST in any way, shape or form … but neither is the inception of the pope-ordained institution of rome. a child can see that is how obvious it is in character. so … could it be that governments willing to allow the RCC to continue unchecked in its cities and towns is also guilty of these despicable offenses? these horror crimes? any politician, journalist, teacher, professor, theologian, scholar and … after so many of these types of reports ALL OVER THE WORLD (yes, including america … in droves!) continuing to partner with this political-religious institution or allow it to be an influence in its halls is suspect. 

TRUTH IS WATCHING. where are you?


as we said in a previous post … the gay+ is another religion, and it is very politicized, adding to the noise in the market place. 


allow us to cut through the smog on this. why doesn't the man and man with baby in the manger work in the Story of the Christ? or the woman and woman? if you understand the SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE in what this represents … you understand how two men or two women and CHILD is not the message given. no matter how you want to spin the story to create for yourselves a GOD, the Writings on the Story of Mary and Joseph with Child does not speak on religion, the LGBTQ (whatever else they choose to add to it), or roman catholicism, or any other religion. not even christianity, although those claiming christianity should be excited to learn in what manner the Writings ignite Truth. they are not yet there. these have not yet arrived. you can thank the patriarchal religionist for the stagnancy and the cold, dark towers, but … there is a way, just not what man thinks, in his self-serving agendas. 

the Story … Joseph and Mary … with Child … was attempting to settle a generational dispute. as you should be aware by now, the SAMARITAN is a crucial part in that Story. and the Godhood represented by Male and FeMale, and the marriage within Truth, thus creating a Child of Remembrance … long before violence and disease, ignorance and lost Love … made itself king … there existed a fountain of Purpose. 





okay, we get that two others terrorists were caught planning a mall attack, but what of the berlin attacker? they staked out a mosque where he was seen on camera. several important questions on this bit of info. why was he seen at the mosque? did he go into the mosque? wouldn't the people/imam there know him and report him? was this a place of protection for him? is this mosque preaching terrorism? 

I sense … yes, it is a source of radicalization.  why is it not being more thoroughly investigated and removed? 

a man on an aircraft this week gets removed for spewing his hate at a passenger WITH HER CHILDREN … because he does not like her politics (trump's daughter and grandkids). is he aware that he put lives at risk because people do not know his intent---what he might do next? the passengers are confined to an area and cannot leave easily … DO THE CHILDREN ON BOARD NEED TO BE SUBJECTED TO THIS FEAR?

should neighborhoods --- communities --- be at risk because law enforcement in the area of investigating potential threats are with hands tied because of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS? FREEDOM OF POLITICS? RELIGION? without regard for its intent? say … a mission to take over the world by overpopulating neighborhood after neighborhood? where pockets of marginalized peoples engage in drug sales and crime, RAPE, twisted culture ...branching out into neighborhoods to gain power and control and … to feed bad habits. remember, poor neighborhoods have only so much to offer before these are nearly thoroughly depleted, ravaged. how government in its high and mighty tech villas in all that pure as the driven snow education think these won't and don't happen in beyond reality … and some atheists say this doesn't exist? tell me, atheist-liberal, do mosques (imams and special interest groups) preaching radicalism on what is supposed to be neutral soil... not exist? do these not so random terrorist attacks  ...not exist? some people of the leftness persuasion are very much in denial. they kick against the goads, believing their fascism---THEIR OWN FANATICISM? should be permitted to raze the thoughts and experiences of others? going to inform these right here and right now: YOU will be removed. 

what is government and its agencies that are put in place to protect the citizens of the state if they are denied or are in denial? what GOOD are these? is it wise to throw your pearls to swine? is it wise to raze the hard-working and their children for the tempest of a few, using certain freedoms to inspire hell upon others? or to alter the current atmosphere by making it more inattentive to the greater threats through misuse of some? is it wise to endanger the children, the women … the homes and the work places … the fields …tossing these to the arrogance of things like piggy cults, desiring more than their share … 

I have always said, if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear. why do people who say they are peaceful complain of being investigated? wouldn't YOU want people to know you are not a terrorist or secretly planning attacks on neutral soil? is law enforcement dishonest? who is in charge of law enforcement to keep these agencies honest?