what makes a priest royal? 5 years of testing in orthodox judaism? or is the royalty only reserved for "christian" people? 

answer: neither

the royal priesthood has to do with courtship. not religious courtship, but courtship engaging the One. if you don't ask, don't seek, don't knock … you don't have a form to engage.


to continue … on the establishment. 


I just read an atheist's post on an RNS news article about hate crimes. are these really on the rise or just allowed to be reported after many years of forced silence … FOR WOMEN, CHILDREN and others? in all walks if life ...and a very important question… for muslim as well as non muslim … for black as well as white, and all those in between … why is america at war with radical islam? what started it … what has CAUSED the increase in extremism? (from all those of criminal intent and why the rise in other types of crimes? very horrific crimes?) who-what is PAYING the extremists to grow and find more and more ways to attack, commit crimes? I don't follow a miscreant man claiming himself a prophet on peace while having enslaved and murdered millions, do you? I don't follow a caliphate organization that treats people hellishly, do you? I don't bow to and pay tribute to and honor and worship an evil man claiming himself supreme deity, do you? heck, you pray to a villain you get a villain's share? what do you people expect?!  and what of the money for these extremists to build and grow their military, their artillery and their paths to citizenship to nations all over the world to engage in secretive and deadly attacks, born of tactic fed by what? not me … not my work. I don't belong to these organizations and I don't engage in drug dealing or child pornography or sex trafficking or any form of abuse … child, animal, male, female, do you? I don't pay into and support dishonesty and treating others not like me as … infidels, or …  

the man in the above news article is a baptist. that's what is written in the info on him. I do look. I look to see if a person in the news for crimes, having sworn oaths to serve the public, is of a religion, or some group initiative like BLM. I look to see what those in these arenas marry themselves to … for profit. it does not say christianity; it says baptist under his name and photo. and he is a democrat … another pc of info. how many politicians are out there, from both sides of the aisle … committing crimes … but because these have a title and LOOK like they are behind reform, "good" change and helping others, but are instead USING these fields to steal from those already in a place of enslavement and victimhood … like a DISHONEST TAX COLLECTOR … for you see, people of party having voted politician into office who then assigns other politicians to agencies and organizations … are of a doctrine born of party or camp with a doctrine that operates under a mindset of something. now ... does a particular religion save you from becoming a victim? does it save you from becoming a criminal? will it save you or your children from attack? is the atheist barking up the wrong side of the tree in his hatred of people not like him? could it be that he is one of the causes of the disease that created that marriage?

one might argue with the atheist blaming trump supporters (usually he is blaming christians without realizing that there are likely just as many democrats as there are republicans and certainly, not all republicans are christian) … for the rise in hate crimes … (in the same manner that he blames the cops, usually the white cops, without counting the crimes involved that got the civilian dead, as well as the criminal … and the rise in cop deaths by felons … AND THE OVERWHELMING NUMBER OF PEOPLE, INCLUDING TEENS, HAVING DIED FROM DRUG OVERDOSES … as this is what happens when felons are allowed to deal drugs----right? I am certain the atheist-nonbeliever has not bothered to count the number of overdoses. nah, that would be saying too much … that he could not handle). has it ever occurred to the atheist that it is establishment that is the guilty party and not white people? or black people? that it might just be doctrine … a set of rules that don't work, especially when ignorance is permitted as retail … people being sold lies? from our vantage point it is the absentee BELIEVER IN TRUTH that is the party to blame. THE DENIER OF TRUTH. it does not matter what he claims … if he follows derelict doctrine that says he can do what he is doing that is wrong, that slanders and demeans … is untruthful, biased and bigoted, even of HATRED …  or that endangers others … he will do it, because he can do it and get away with it. THERE IS NONE STOPPING HIM FROM FROM THE LAWLESSNESS in a MARRIAGE born of arrogance and disease: religion and politics. just look at the RCC and the clergy child sex abuse. 

why would any one be surprised at these crimes? 

what is the atheist and liberalist going to do when the islamist begins attacking him on his own soil? it's coming … you'll see.


why are people attracted to religion/politics … heavily engaging in warfare and or … gods of secularist endeavor?

some are born into something and remain within it. if war is the face of the nation and its citizens are of nationalist ID, war will likely be their place. this is socialist ideal. it does not define socialism, but it is socialist ideal. socialism is an unbeliever position in Truth because … society conforms to agenda when of social reform without regard for separating the wheat from the tariffs. social reform places importance on the equation and not the outcome, and is easily seduced into adding more to reforms to solve problems instead of getting to the source of the disease. spending excess time and money adding new positions rather than starting anew from the understanding that something is terribly wrong. if inhaling smoke is bad for you/others, esp babies and children and the elderly ... why allow e-cigarettes? why ignore the danger by paying into and supporting and pretending something is less offensive?  it is unscientific in approach and does not give you the facts. it becomes even less transparent and even more convoluted, making it harder to identify the disease, the problems … the source of the error, and causes many to  remain within illegal entity instead of advancing for truth. for instance, if it is easier to ignore clergy child sex by allowing the offending institutions to amend in private, these very same guilty of offense… using these same offenders to oversee and assign its own members having REMAINED within troubled arenas under troubled leadership…instead of investigating the places where these abuses/crimes are most apparent, showing up the most, and seeking to locate the root of these ills … by inspecting the titles and lifestyles of not only the offenders but those heads in charge … then reform for social wellness and social institution is in unbelief on the true nature of what instigates and increases crime, abuse … 

so why was I willing to vote for stein or sanders at some point during the election, both advocates of socialist ideal? 

TRANSPARENCY> removing the old to start anew which will allow a clearer view of the process … and where/how it does not work. at present, theirs is much deluge. this is what is meant by the flood of noah's time. how the world is within derelict teaching and lifestyle that denies truth … refuses means to reach fact … the evidence, its truth on the matter. and the jews, orthodox or reform are married to these institutions as much as any other … 

look at ivanka trump. she supported the dishonesty under her father's approach to get to … to GAIN power and influence. how about you? are you a jew, too?

does the jew really understand what is meant by JEW in the new? hmm …
am I anti-semitic for pointing out an obvious?


I looked up a bio on him and it says he is christian. I do not know which denomination. it just says he supports christianity. well, that could be just about anything. look at the jews running hollywood! look at the marriages. and those having chosen a particular piece of christian ideology based on this or that theology … is really saying,  he chopped off all the rest and wanted only the baptism … or luther's derivative … or the power of roma. and if you randomly picked 70 catholics and asked each why he goes to parish and supports parish life … you would likely get all the same answer within roman catholic appeal. the words may vary and there might be a focus on social work through a chapter found in parish b … but the base of each would find itself in roman catholic appeal. this is not saying all catholics are alike … because those chosen to be asked are those attending parish at least once a week every week. the appeal is what? "to address" something. this is found in latin verbiage. it is roman and it is catholic. 

but why else would a person (believer or nonbeliever) attend service? you may ask. a higher calling? no. a place of remittance? no. a source of pride? maybe. friendship? very likely. change? hmm … how many go into a parish where there is a big chance that he is not liked? how many challenge the wardens on their apple carts? thing is, if they refuse you you go elsewhere, right? luther broke from roman c … still catholic, but he did not remain in something he found illicit. if you try … and they deny you, you leave. if you find too many things that are really and truly not good or not right … in behavior, creed, code … accompaniment … you either report them as criminal or … leave, if you know that reporting it will change nothing. you hope for movement to follow that stream of what? changing of the mind on what is. 

this holds true for any service big or small in any industry … politics, religion, entertainment … the arts … sports, and business. take this business man in the article from gibson, a roman catholic, what is he really? how would you categorize him in the world? he looks and sounds very much like a secularist to us. he certainly does not fit the angry image painted by the angry atheist because atheist supports and pays into the same industries. atheist does not have an environmental halo above his head, does he? how much abuse to environment does scientist of non belief allow himself that he denies others? is he the king because he thinks himself smarter and bandwagon babies lap it up like sugared plums rather than getting to the truth on what scientist does that the public does not know … or understand.

transparency. okay ,you say this and you say that … how are you gonna prove it? just cos you say it does not make it true. and why should anyone follow you? you have to do better … you are looking like swiss cheese.

as for the till man … give him an offer he can't refuse. he makes money. show him how and where he can make money that isn't that old smelly dangerous money-making way. stop butting the goads and get to work!



of course the vatican wants the pews filled and will push immigration but … they see the trend and know many of those hispanics may go to evangelical/protestant churches. they needed something to keep-stay .. remain connected … or one might say … to look credible. islam. did you ever read about the type of frog that hitches a ride on another frog for … mating, I think. I read about it a long time ago … will have to look it up. 

will get back to you on that bit of info concerning the free ride froggy.


the rituals of mankind … are these really that different from the animals?


secular success or …?
a measure of a man's mind does not teach you what's in his heart. a jew can betray and be betrayed as easily as a non jew. 
but the real reason this comes out in such a biased fashion at this time is because the jews are complaining about anti-semitism … but is it wise to post these types of things at this time, even if of false dichotomy? 

also, one might ask … is it the case that jews spend on their own for their own that allows for advantage and opportunity? 

and … aren't many jewish girls denied the same type of education that the males get? should we applaud this behavior? 

who-what pays PEW to do this type of work? the jew? hmm … I would not be in the slightest surprised if PEW lost its power to witness … anything credible based mostly on this article. … losing itself as a credible calculator on anything of value. one might say it's a dick of an article. and really, how damaging are these measurements for pioneers … for those who lay the groundwork while others STEAL and use for their own gain ... without giving credit where credit is due?  

much coming out on these religions. man will never look at the jew the same again. this you CAN count on.



who-what spends time and money on things that can achieve mass extermination of innocent life? who in their right mind can drop bombs on people, KNOWING … knowing …. the death toll of innocent life will be tremendous. we say EVIL. what do you say? 

just because you can does not mean you should. let's present a few scenarios for you … poor girl in need of money goes to studio of rich ___ … entertainment agency … she feels desperate. she is young and vulnerable and rich ___ agency sees how pretty and … how he can exploit her sexually to MAKE MONEY so … he sells her body over and over and over until society believes it's true? women are  sex objects not even worthy of equal pay as that of a man. should we thank the rich ___ entertainment agency for binding female in such a farcical role? yep, some are eager to make money and become a success? at the expense of the vulnerable and the poor? do they steal the lives of others to get rich?

a farmer in the field forced by image and industry … to make sure there is food on the table for rich man having created the image ... is so fucking glad that he is intelligent on matters of the HEART. his hands may be clean while the ___ of money agendas for his own gain are dirty-dirty----filthy full of illicitness? 


he's going to have to do a lot more than just come forward to "cleanse his soul" 


he has to first understand if he even has a soul. not everyone has a soul. the soul is CONSCIENCE, but Conscience is not developed until one becomes conscious … awake, and that means becoming aware. I do not know specifically what this player means by attack, but if he raped children then he has no Conscience. he is not aware. he is sick, and he is without soul. he is incapable of knowing Love. he does not know Spirit of the Living God. if he did he could not abuse child in that manner. and to come forward because these clubs are suddenly in the hot seat with victims speaking out is really just a way for that player to try to subdue the horror he has inflicted on others. it may not even be genuine. it sounds very roman catholic played to me.

my-my … the stooges in the vulgate. what a rotten mess. so much lethargy and so much sorrow because of their ignorance. and yes, we blame it for so much misuse and abuse regarding things like SOUL and cleansing and so much more. vatican thinks purgatory purifies? never, because it doesn't exist, folks, please do not be fooled by these men … and lose everything. they can practice whatever hypnosis they want but it is NOT of the Christ. it is not the Teachings of Jesus of the Writings. you see, people think that because somebody looks good or has a successes in life and died what religionists call "their martyrs" … the pope of roma really has no clue what is a martyr or what is a saint spoken in THE WRITINGS! they made things up to seat themselves and this is not so bad except that they forced their doctrine on others, YES! ATTACKED OTHERS WITH THEIR DOCTRINE, forcing conformity to keep them powerful. it's despicable. truly despicable the lies and the denial and all that horrid death.

it is an impossibility for an untruth, a sickness ... to enter the Kingdom of the Living. deception, for instance, one having purposely lied to protect his reputation while another is harmed is a deception … yep, all those bishops in the RCC lying to protect their status … or ignoring victims when they come forward … how many popes looked the other way and denied crimes were being committed to protect the pontiffs and those seats of religio-political importance? and pope canonizes these, tempting his followers to pay to dishonesty and impurity. but why is it an impossibility for an untruth to enter? it cannot and will not happen after you pass from the flesh … why? first of all, if it is the case that everyone goes to the first Heaven (think of all the impurities and illnesses in the world, all the evil and all the deception, lies and abuses … murders and maliciousness) then why have a KINGDOM at all?! there would be no need for truth because everyone's reasons for doing what they do no matter how awful … would be allowed. it wouldn't matter. isn't that correct, vatican? theologians? it would be utter lawlessness as life, and anyone could do anything without regard for CONSCIENCE. after your body goes pfft … what good are you to God if you have not transformed (reborn)? and evil no longer has use for ya … you are in the dark just as you believed. unaware of your place. nameless. no fire and brimstone, folks … that's the wickedness of the worldly that hurt others by making lives a living hell. or, by you making a decision to burn, where you bring hell upon yourself … as what you put out comes right back at you …in time. and you won't necessarily know what this looks like … what it will be, but some know … yes, they know when it strikes they cry out, knowing how they have chosen poorly. and lived loudly and carelessly … irresponsibly and wasted their mina. 

it is impossible for UNTRUTH to enter because … what LIVES within the "Garden" is precious … like unborn child … child cut down before his Time … never given Choice … no man enters this Kingdom naked, my friends. Spirit of the Living will move on to new life of the aborted Child as we said … and this, too, is waiting for his Time … as he will be given his Chance to grow in womb and be born of a woman, another, able and willing. no child is lost. never! flesh is flesh but Spirit is Spirit. and there can be nothing to impede or contaminate Life for Spirit of the Living. nothing. it would be an abomination to allow even the slightest ill into a highly protected area. remember, people. there is a World and there is the Kingdom of God … you cannot have both and enter where Life is too precious to expose to ruin. 

think of a place in a hospital where no one enters unless dressed appropriately so that the health and wellbeing of those there can be protected, and trust me when I say … in the most fiercest manner the Angels protect that Place. you know very little on these affairs if you think pope is right regarding the Marriage of Truth … in his roman catholic heaven.